Elaine Turner, a former apparel designer and merchandiser, put her industry experience, love of accessories and passion for all things stylish to work on her first-ever handbag collection. Elaine's impressive fashion pedigree, coupled with a keen interest in textiles and timeless style, led to the creation of a unique, conceptually-driven debut collection that instantly stood apart from the rest. Her collection is inspired by a destination aesthetic that integrates bold color and prints. This combination creates a fun, yet glamorous style that appeals to women of all ages. Elaine also perceived a void in the market for luxurious accessories at an accessible price point. Ultimately, this discovery encouraged her to launch her own business in 2000.

Turner states, "When I created my company, my main inspiration was to convey "my dreams" through my product. My ultimate goal is for the woman carrying one of my bags to feel like she has bought a piece of my dreams. I want the bag to conjure up images of travel, fantasy and escapism, i.e., lying on a private beach in the Caribbean, visiting a historic hotel in Europe, walking through a charming Provence garden, buying artwork along the harbor in St. Tropez. At the same time, I want the bag to evoke deep pleasure while she carries it in her tangible everyday life."



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